Young-age creationism is changing. More and more creationists are becoming dissatisfied with insular, and largely hostile forms of creationist apologetics, favoring instead more transparent, and scientifically discerning platforms that encourage creationist model-building without comprising on a faithful interpretation of Genesis 1-11 as history.

This burgeoning community of young-age creationists is a bit of a throwback to the Scriptural Geologists of the 19th century, in that many established scientific constructs, such as the reality of the geological column, are given serious consideration.

Unlike many in the mainstream young-age creationist movement, this minority group recognizes some serious scientific shortcomings in the modern young-age creationist framework, and seeks to propose new, fresh, and exciting ideas that will hopefully answer some of the tougher questions in creationism. 

Creation Unfolding is strongly aligned with this innovative community of young-age creationist scientists, in that it is committed to cutting-edge scientific research and a faithful interpretation of Genesis 1-11 as history, as well as providing a collegial, gracious, and non-combative interface for all who uphold the Scriptures as the authoritative word of God.

Endorsements from readers…

This book helps those of us who long to take our faith seriously grasp a creationist model that is thoroughly equipped to deal with the available scientific evidence. The church has long needed such a tool.”
— Dr. Craig Lloyd, pastor of Grace Bible Church, Brisbane, Australia.

This book provides a much-needed reanalysis of creationism, creation apologetics, and Christian philosophy of science. Readers will find their thinking challenged in a thoroughly Biblical way.”
— Dr. Matt McLain, Assistant Professor of Biology and Geology, The Master’s University, California.