Over the last 100 years, scientists in various fields have persuasively argued for the formation of the Earth and solar system by natural processes operating over long periods of time. How is a Christian to reconcile these ideas with the Genesis creation account? Doesn’t the Bible teach that God spoke everything into existence, fully formed out of nothing?

​In Creation Unfolding: a new perspective on ex nihilo, Dr. Ken Coulson applies a robust scientific methodology to challenge common misconceptions within classic creationism without compromising a young-earth view. This book will enable the thinking Christian to authentically and passionately portray science in a positive light while at the same time easing some of the tension that currently exists between modern science and a faithful interpretation of Genesis 1.

Author Bio
Dr. Ken Coulson is an assistant professor of science at San Diego Christian College in San Diego, California. He has an earned Ph.D. in Earth Science from Loma Linda University and has published several journal articles in both secular and Christian scientific publications. He is married and has 3 children.

“This book helps those of us who long to take our faith seriously grasp a creationist model that is thoroughly equipped to deal with the available scientific evidence. The church has long needed such a tool.” — Dr. Craig Lloyd, pastor of Grace Bible Church, Brisbane, Australia.

“This book provides a much-needed reanalysis of creationism, creation apologetics, and Christian philosophy of science. Readers will find their thinking challenged in a thoroughly Biblical way.” — Dr. Matt McLain, Assistant Professor of Biology and Geology, The Master’s University, California.