Well, I kind of knew that my book would create a bit of stir in the young-earth creationist camp. I just saw a post yesterday from someone on Reddit who said this, “This book promises to be a disappointment by trying to come up with some new compromise idea that blends uniformitarianism with the Bible.” (As it turns out, this person did not read my book. He only flipped through the free preview.)

But here is a great opportunity to dialogue!

I personally think this person just misunderstands the book (what little he saw of it). Being labelled a “uniformitarian” is quite strange since this term implies a commitment to present processes, including present rates of change, for the purpose of understanding that which occurred in the past. Of course, for those who’ve read the book, you soon find out that, in fact, I’m diametrically opposed to relying on present rates of change, and thus diametrically opposed to uniformitarianism.

All very interesting!