Many creationists are very suspicious of secular scientists and tend to think that they are out to wantonly lead people astray. The truth, however, is that “most” scientists haven’t really thought about the big picture. Yes, they believe in Darwinian evolution, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily have an agenda to proselytize the world.

Most scientists do research in very specific areas—studying the appendages of a bug, doing experiments on the hydrogeological aspects of moving water, comparing the courtship behavior of different birds. When they write papers in journals, they simply discuss the data that is pertinent to their tiny little world of research. I’ve sifted through hundreds of such papers while doing my own research and I am convinced that none of them were trying to lead me astray.

That’s not to say that “some” are indeed playing the field. People like Eugenie Scott, Bill Nye, and Richard Dawkins are openly antagonistic to creationism and have an incredibly large platform from which to launch their attacks. Ideas emanating from this small minority are, therefore, able to infiltrate into every facet of our everyday lives.

This infiltration is, I think, misinterpreted by creationists as an assault from the “broader” scientific community. So yes, anti-creationistic propaganda is rife, but that doesn’t mean most scientists are out to knowingly deceive people. Most scientists are just normal people who love science and want to contribute to humanity’s love affair with knowledge for the purpose of furthering many aspects of human endeavor.